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Guess who's back, back again

Guess who's back, tell a friend (shoutout Slim Shady). So... you write a few blogs, get a little sidetracked, endure a worldwide pandemic, take a two and a half year full-time asssignment, and boom! All of a sudden it's been a few years since you blogged it out on your website. Time flies when you're having fun I guess. A lot has changed in the world of Boston video production. Our old friend 'Rona did a number on the Boston video production scene, weeding out a lot of companies who didn't make it through the rain (shoutout Manilow). The live event side took the biggest body blow because, well, there weren't any. But now that everything is back with no masks or restrictions a couple of things seem to be happening. For one, everybody and their sister and brother are again catching Covid, although it seems to have thankfully lost its knockout punch. We'll call it Covid Lite, and after avoiding it for over 2 years, this writer's Covid free streak finally ended. The Vaxed and boosted version goes like this- one day feeling like you're run over by a truck, a couple days feeling like it was a golf cart, and then a day or two just a little tired, like you stayed up too late and were in a particularly aggressive pillow fight. I highly recommend the "9 times less likely to die" vaxed and boosted version over the alternative, but you do you. The other thing that's definitely happened is I am writing this from the home office, because although we all are allowed back in person, I guess most people really like the 5 second commute to the office. All we wanna do is zooma zoom zoom zoom in our room room. (shoutout these guys...)

So anyway, it's been an interesting journey since we last checked in.. Had some crazy projects that were completely Zoom based, which were pretty fun actually, but we'll get to those at a later date. And the long term assignment? That's another one we'll tackle in a blog somewhere down the road. This post is just to let you know, look out Boston video production blog scene. We're back!


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