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Boston Video Production About Us


Do you know the feeling you get....
When you're doing laundry and you reach into your pocket to
discover a crumpled up 20 dollar bill?
When you wake up on a sunny morning, open your front door,
and there's not a single footprint in the fresh snow?
When you watch a 3 year old sing and dance?
When you go on vacation, step off the plane... and it's warm?
When your favorite team is about to win the championship?
When you're at a concert and the whole arena is waving their arms back and forth?
 When the sauce tastes so good, you soak up the extra with fresh bread? 
When you're still laughing three hours later?
When you work together on a plan and the plan comes together?
When you see something that helps you understand,
something that motivates you, something that makes
you laugh, or cry, or laugh and cry at the same time?
When you experience awesome?
 We try to make stuff like that.
Tracey Aldrich Antaya
 Senior Producer

Kevin started his career in media as the President and head DJ at WKEV, a fictional radio station he dreamed up with his two sisters at age 9.  After summer stints as a Mass Turnpike toll collector and state park ranger, he decided to move to L.A. to pursue a career in visual communications.  Years later, his production career would reach an all-time low when, as part of a live tv utility crew,  he found himself crawling under the bleachers at Wrestlemania, wrapping up giant beer, mustard and tobacco covered cables after the event.  Armed with a newfound appreciation for the inside of the production truck, he learned how to do anything else.  He learned it all- shooting, directing, editing, graphics, audio, all with a single thought in mind-  "please don't make me go under the bleachers."  Later, his many production skills and his need for size 14 sneakers would meet when he joined footwear giant Reebok, eventually becoming the director of video production.   In 2009, with a huge closet of barely worn sample basketball shoes in tow,  he left to start a new production company, a place where everybody would feel...welcome.    His current work includes three ongoing projects, which he coproduces with his wife Molly.  They are his favorite productions to date- Ben, Anna and Josie.  

Kevin Paolillo
Creative Director

As a young girl growing up in Needham, MA, Tracey always dreamed of being a senior producer at Welcome Productions. As a fellow college student with Kevin at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, her plan was simple. She would only enroll in courses that would allow her to shadow Kevin's every move, learning what motivated him, what made him tick, all along waiting for the day when he would start his own business and be in need of a senior producer.  As a staff member of the MA Senate Committee on Ways and Means, Director of Marketing Communications for The MENTOR Network, and later, fund-raising consultant for a prominent MA state senator, she learned what it was like to not work side by side with her hero Kevin Paolillo. This was a dark time for Tracey, but she stayed focussed, working day and night, staring at the phone.  In the summer of 2010, it finally rang. She fondly recalls how it felt.  "Other than marriage to my wonderful husband Mike, the birth of my two kids Lindsay and Michael, that one time I picked up an incredible bargain at Marshall's, my last vacation, my coffee every morning, and seeing yesterday's episode of The Daily Show,  it was the greatest moment of my life,"  exclaimed Tracey,  "and I can't believe I let him write my bio. That was probably not a smart move."   We couldn't agree more. 



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