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Boston video production work

Let's keep it simple. 
Tell us briefly what you want to get done. We'll listen.
If we can, we'll instantly give you our best estimate as a ballpark.
We'll listen some more and follow up with a written quote.  

We take

photos, too!

Click here

for an example

of our work!

"We've got a bunch of pr clips and pics of cool stuff from this past year and need a recap for our big sales meeting." 

"We have this photo shoot coming up, and we'd really like to capture some behind the scenes footage and package it up for online."

Ahh yes, the sizzle reel.  It depends on how long you'd like the piece to be, how many clips/pics you've got, and how many rounds of changes you'll think you'll need.  We'll take 

your stuff and bring it to life. 


We do that. Single day? Multi-day?  Need a great photographer, too?  We have one.  Want us to edit, or do you just want footage?  The key is to create as much usable content as possible.


"We're a nonprofit and we want a 2-3 minute video production to explain what we're all about.  Since we try to put our budget back into our programs, we're pretty cost sensitive."

  We'd ask you up front what your organization would like to spend.  Then we'd figure out how to make every dollar count.   At Welcome Productions, we're flexible for causes we believe in. 


 'We need a commercial.  We want behind the scenes and photos for pr and print, and we need all rights cleared.  Can you give us some concepts and script based on our brand message?  Can you direct it?  Can you post and finish in multiple languages?"

Yes to all.  Lots of variables to consider.  Casting,  Music, Locations.  Effects.  Chances are we've done something of similar scope that will help get us to an estimate quickly.  


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