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10 Goal Starter Ideas for Any Video Production Team

It's about that time when we reflect on the past year and try to set ourselves up for progress in the year ahead.

At Welcome Productions, we are always looking at ways to make us the best choice for any Boston video production. Remember, your goals don't know what month it is. Don't limit yourself to the end or beginning of a new year to set new goals for your business. We knew of one leading Boston film production team who were meticulous about setting new goals every month. 12 times a year they would have their entire team sit down and review goals, set new ones, and eliminate the ones they reached or didn't fit. By constantly reviewing goals, they managed to keep everyone hyper focussed on reaching them and stayed on track. The point is keep whatever goals you come up with front and center and you'll be more likely to reach them. Since it's that time of year, here are 10 goal starter ideas to help you get the ball rolling.

  1. Increase production efficiency: A goal of increasing production efficiency could involve streamlining processes, finding new tools or technology to speed up workflows, or finding ways to reduce the time it takes to complete a project.

  2. Expand client base: A goal of expanding the team's client base could involve reaching out to new clients, networking with potential partners, or finding new ways to market the team's services.

  3. Improve video quality: A goal of improving video quality could involve investing in new equipment, training team members in new techniques or software, or finding ways to increase the team's creative capabilities.

  4. Increase profitability: A goal of increasing profitability could involve finding new revenue streams, reducing costs, or finding ways to increase rates without losing clients.

  5. Enhance team skills: A goal of enhancing team skills could involve training team members in new software or techniques, bringing in new team members with complementary skills, or finding ways to share knowledge and skills within the team.

  1. Increase team size: A goal of increasing team size could involve finding and hiring new team members, expanding the team's scope of work, or finding new ways to utilize the skills of existing team members.

  2. Increase customer satisfaction: A goal of increasing customer satisfaction could involve finding ways to exceed client expectations, improving communication with clients, or finding ways to make the team's services more valuable to clients.

  3. Increase social media presence: A goal of increasing the team's social media presence could involve creating and sharing more content, engaging with followers, or finding new platforms to reach potential clients.

  4. Create a standout brand: A goal of creating a standout brand could involve developing a distinct visual identity, building a strong reputation, or finding ways to differentiate the team from competitors.

  5. Diversify services: A goal of diversifying the team's services could involve adding new services or offerings, expanding into new markets, or finding new ways to use the team's existing skills and expertise.


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