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Cupid makes his annual appearance today, which means this entry is all about love. To paraphrase the great frontman Peter Wolf,

"This is a song (er,blog ) about L-O-V-E, And if you abuse it you're gonna lose it And if you lose it you're gonna 'buse it and If you 'buse it you ain't gonna be able to choose it 'Cause you ain't gonna have it further on down the line things ain't gonna be so fine You're gonna be sitting there on your little machine Trying to look and keep it clean, You're gonna be home, playing bingo all night all alone, that's why your sitting there by the telephone And you know that she ain't going to call you!! Yeah!!"

That's part of the famous intro from the live version of the late 70's classic "Musta Got Lost", by Boston's own J. Geils Band. So what does this have to do with video production, you ask? Well, we

think that Mr. Wolf is reminding us of that most important ingredient in a relationship-love!

If you forget it, you may find that you too musta got lost, somewhere down the line. We think the same advice is important for your video projects. Sure you can cookie cut your way through a project, add some graphics, find a nice track to throw underneath, deliver the final edit and go merrily (and blandly) along your way. But cmon now! Where is the love?!

We realize that not every project will get your heart naturally pumping and your adrenaline flowing. But we think even in the most basic of videos, you can add something that will make it special, something that will give it just a little bit of heart and soul, something.... to love!. Maybe it's while shooting, you take the extra time to set up that perfect product shot, adding props or lighting to

take it from good to great. Or maybe it's finessing those last few frames in the edit suite so that it flows just that much better. Sometimes when we get to the end of a video that feels a bit routine, we'll add a little extra after the final logo, a funny outtake, or a happy little moment that was unscripted but captures the heart of the matter, or the fun we had making it. We know clients have a lot of choices when looking for a Boston video production company. If it's just good, it's not good enough. Good enough doesn't leave you with people talking about your company to their co-workers or other business partners, and soon you might find your business "musta got lost" to somebody who cared just a little bit more.

Does it always work? Does the final video always overflow with those positive vibes? Of course not. Listen, are all dates successful? No. Sometimes it just doesn't come together. Maybe your senses of humor are different, maybe they don't like how you eat spaghetti, or how they started every sentence with "like" or how all you talk about is sports and your love of jam bands. This can happen with clients too. Maybe you and a particular client just aren't right together. But we think it's important to at least strive for the best. Instead of fighting that monotonous brief, embrace it for what it is, and try to find an element within it that you can enhance. Instead of shutting your creativity down, accept the challenge and ratchet it up. Give it some heart. No matter what the video is -the coolest thing you've ever worked on, or a straight forward interview about some subject you have no interest in - give it your best, and realize it's important to somebody- the client making it, or the future viewer watching it. Show every project a little love. To quote another Boston group, pioneering boy band New Edition, "a little bit of love is all it takes. A little bit of love goes a long long way." Now if you'll excuse us, we have to go get flowers. Quick.

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